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Mental Acupuncture: Truth, Lies, or Clickbait

by Dr. Elizabeth Langer

Mental acupuncture…  Is it truth, lies or clickbait? 

Technically, it's clickbait…

And here's why.

Mental acupuncture cannot be truth because in order to perform acupuncture, you actually have to pierce the skin.  Hopefully with a sterilized needle. 

So really, you can't have mental acupuncture unless you are able to penetrate the skin with your mind.

However… that doesn't mean that you can't get effects that are very similar to acupuncture. Both acupressure and laser therapy elicit similar results to acupuncture when performed with the right intention. 

When we say "mental acupuncture," it's to illustrate how we can stimulate the acupuncture points with the power of our mind. 

This is why setting your intention is so incredibly powerful. 

It's how you can stimulate the bottom of your feet if you are standing in the checkout line… 

It's how you can stimulate multiple points at once… 

It's how you can start to heal when everything seems impossible.

How do you do it?  Many ways. 

An easy way is to think of a point you want to stimulate.  Imagine sending your energy to it… you can breathe into it if you would like.  

Let's try it out with Kidney 1, a point at the bottom of your foot. Close your eyes... take a breath and imagine sending energy or light to this point.  You can even imagine that you are stimulating it with your fingers.

The main point is that you are using your energy and your intention to give yourself the same effect as an acupuncture treatment.  Hence... "mental acupuncture."

If you would like to continue this conversation, please feel free to reach out and shoot me an email.