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7 Signs You Need Acupressure (or Acupuncture)

by Dr. Elizabeth Langer

Are you wondering if acupressure is right for you?

If you are experiencing any health problems or physical discomfort, you may benefit from acupressure.

Acupressure is all about creating balance in your body and spirit.

When there is an imbalance, you may experience discomfort and problems in your health.

Check out this list below to see if acupressure might be a good fit.

1. Are you experiencing any pain in your body? Acute or chronic... When you have pain, something is out of balance. Pain is not weakness leaving the body - it signals that something isn't right. Acupressure can help to relieve that pain and help your body regain balance.

2. Did you know that your tongue holds the secrets to your physical and emotional health?

Go ahead... Take a peek. First, look at the color... Is your tongue pale and light? Or is it very red and dark? How about the coating? Is it very thick or very thin? A deep yellow or white? Maybe your coating is thicker in some areas than others? How about the shape of your tongue? Is it small and thin, or is it puffy with toothmarks on the side?

But what should a "healthy" tongue look like? A "healthy" tongue should be pink with a thin white coat. If your tongue doesn't look like this, don't worry. It just means you need to recalibrate and include practices, such as acupressure, to regain your healthy state.

3. Check your pulse. While a "normal" pulse in a healthy adult can range from 60-100 beats per minute, the exact number doesn't matter as much as the QUALITY.
Does your pulse feel very fast or slow? Does it feel full or faint? Any irregular rhythms? It's a good idea to check your pulse on a regular basis, so you become familiar with your body and its natural rhythms.

4. Look into your eyes. If eyes are the 'windows to the soul,' what do YOURS say? Your eyes should be clear and full of life. The sclera, or whites of your eyes, can indicate problems if they are red, yellow, itchy, dry, or watery.

5. How is your tummy feeling? Are you experiencing any problems with your digestion? Any heartburn or nausea? Gas or bloating? Constipation or diarrhea? If so, acupressure can help to get you back on track.

6. How is your urination? Do you experience pain or difficulty when you go? Find yourself frequently running to the bathroom? Do you have to wake up in the middle of the night, even if you didn't drink before bed?

How about the color of your urine? Is it very dark or very light?

All of these signs may point to an imbalance in the way your body is processing fluids.

7. How is your stress? Are you feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Maybe you are even experiencing heart palpitations and a nervous tummy? In traditional Chinese medicine, there is no separation between the physical and psychological. Acupressure can easily be integrated into any treatment plan to help you manage your stress.

Bonus for the Ladies

Ladies, did you know that your menstrual cycle can provide a lot of insight into the health of your body? Acupressure and traditional Chinese medicine are highly beneficial for issues concerning women's health.

Do you experience pain, cramping, or fatigue with your cycle? Is your flow is very heavy with clotting or very light and irregular? You don't have to suffer and acupressure can help.