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Boost Your Metabolism Naturally with Acupuncture

A common complaint I see in my clinic is that even when patients eat all the right foods, they still can’t lose weight.  While I can certainly help people with their diets, sluggish metabolism can make losing weight almost impossible.  Acupuncture is a major asset in weight loss because it naturally boosts your metabolism without drugs or potions.

Our metabolism can become sluggish for many different reasons.  As we age, our metabolism naturally slows, and for women, putting on 5-10 pounds post-menopause may not be a bad thing.  Sometimes our metabolism is impaired due to a disease, such as hypothyroidism.  

The great thing about acupuncture is that it can work with almost any condition or treatment plan.

For patients who are overweight due to a slow metabolism, I use an abdominal protocol because it is both gentle on the body, and helps you to better absorb the nutrients in your food.  When you absorb nutrients in your food, you will notice your energy improving and will be amazed at how much easier losing weight becomes.  You may even begin to crave exercise!

So if you are struggling with losing weight, it might be due to your metabolism.  A few acupuncture sessions could be all you need to finally achieve your ideal body!