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The Easiest Way to Get Pregnant!

If you have been struggling to get pregnant, it's no secret that diet plays an important role in your journey to fertility. Women are often placed on super-strict diets that require the complete elimination of their favorite foods. While a nutritious diet is important, drastic changes can be stressful and overwhelming.

And if the doctor doesn't bother to take your constitution into account, the results can be disastrous.  

Since I am all about making things easy, I want to share the simplest way to get pregnant...

Can you guess?

Eat one egg every day.

That's it. Fertility diets can really be that simple.

In my practice, I come across a lot of women who mention that they want to have a baby. So without me giving them a complete fertility treatment, I share that the easiest way to increase their fertility is to add an egg to their diet.  

And 80% of the time, it works!

Now if you are among the other 20%, please don't stress! There is nothing wrong with you, but you just may need some extra help.  

To find out a little more about easy tips for fertility, please feel free to join our Hope & Healing Fertility Facebook group! If you'd like some more personal attention about your fertility struggles, I would encourage you to shoot me an email!