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How do Balanced Chakras Increase Fertility?

You are probably aware that you need to be healthy physically in order to conceive a healthy baby. Mothers-to-be are often placed on strict diets with intent to nourish their babies and also their bodies.

But did you know that there is an energetic principle to fertility?

No... Not just in having energy to do the "baby dance," or in a New Age "woo woo" way.

Good energy/Qi/Prana is important for very practical reasons. Your chakras are directly related to your endocrine system, which produces and regulates hormones. If you've been struggling with infertility, you know the importance of balanced hormones.

Your chakras, they act as energy vortexes that help to facilitate the circulation of Qi, or vital energy, throughout your body. You have seven major chakras, and they are each associated with their own function, element, endocrine gland, and color.

Fun, huh?'

So let's start at the "Root..."

Root Chakra

With your Root Chakra, Muladara! This grounding energy center is associated with the Earth element and the color red. It is located at the base of the spine, in the perineum - the thin membrane that separates your vagina from your anus. You can become aware of your perineum when you perform"Kegal" exercises.

Your Root Chakra is associated with safety, security, and having a strong sense of belonging. It is linked to your adrenal glands and results in fear, neediness, and self-destructive behaviors (i.e. addictions) when out of balance. I don't think I need to say how problematic addictions can be for a developing baby... But I will say that it is important that your foundation is strong, so your baby can be supported.

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana, is associated with the water element and the color orange. It is located near your uterus, right below the navel. In TCM, this area is known as the "Dan Tien, a major focus point for Qi Gong and Tai Chi practice. This is is the place where your baby will grow!

Svadhisthana is responsible for your reproductive organs: your uterus, ovaries, and Fallopian tubes. Your Sacral Chakra is associated with sensuality and sexuality, creativity, and manifestation. Any imbalances will appear as guilt, poor self-esteem, insecurity, and lack of emotion.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra, Manipura, is associated with fire, is the color yellow, and is located in the area from your solar plexus to naval. It is the center of your personal power, will, confidence, judgments, and discipline. Manipura is the seat of your ego, and how you perceive yourself in the world.

At this point, I would like to ask you a personal question... Why do you want a baby?

Some women may find that they experience problems because they have placed so much of their identity in having children. Let go of your personal image and you may find it easier to conceive. By releasing your ego, you also release your anxiety and can begin to enjoy your journey to creating a happy, healthy baby.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is connected your digestive and metabolic systems, specifically, the pancreas. Your pancreas controls your blood sugar, playing an important role in managing conditions such as PCOS, and preventing gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra, Anahata, is extremely important on your journey to a family. This chakra holds your peace, love, and joy, not just for yourself, but for your partner and your baby! Anahata is usually green in color, although may be pink in some cases. It is located in the center of your chest, and is charge of your thymus gland, which is important in the regulation of your immune system. Anahata also controls your heart, lungs, and your upper burner in TCM.

This chakra serves as a connection between your upper and lower chakras. Anahata provides a transition of Qi between your Earthly body and you aspirations, spirituality, or Higher Self. When there is an imbalance in your Heart Chakra, you may experience defensiveness, jealousy, and unforgiveness. Or you may be a desperate people-pleaser and focus all of your energy on getting people to accept you. When Anahata in harmony, your baby will grow and develop with all of the love, peace, and joy you could imagine.

Throat Chakra

Your Throat Chakra, Vishuddha, allows for the purification and passage of energy between your head and your body. This chakra is associated with the thyroid gland. An underactive or overactive thyroid can cause problems with conception. The main function of this sky-blue chakra is authentic expression and communication. Speaking your truth and setting boundaries are essential for a strong Vishuddha.

Consider this...

On your fertility journey, there is a chance that you may encounter naysayers and people who "mean well," but are overly critical and stick their noses where they don't belong. If you decide to get acupuncture for fertility, they will tell you to get IVF. If you choose IVF, they will tell you to get acupuncture. And that is only before you are pregnant!

If you are not able to set boundaries and enforce them, then you will allow these people and circumstances to get in the way of the happiness of your family. You matter. You deserve to be heard. You don't need to be mean, but tell them to buzz off... Nicely.

Third-Eye Chakra

The Third-Eye Chakra, Ajna, is located between your eyebrows. Though its color is usually indigo, it can sometimes appear as purple. Ajna is responsible for imagination, visualization, intuition, and critical thinking. It is associated with the pituitary gland, the "master gland" that controls your entire endocrine system.

Imbalances may manifest as living in a fantasy land and overindulging in psychic delusions. Conversely, a lack of clarity and complete rejection anything spiritual may result when Ajna is out of sync.

This chakra will be important on your fertility journey because it allows you to visualize your goals and connect to your own wisdom and trust yourself.

Crown Chakra

Your Crown Chakra, Sahasrara, is located at the top of your head. Its color is purple, although in cases of extreme spirituality, may manifest as white or even gold. Your Crown Chakra provides you with a higher state of consciousness and connects you to God, the Divine, your Creator. You don't have to be religious to experience this connection... All you have to do is ask for it.

Sahasrara controls your pineal gland. This tiny gland produces melatonin and seratonin, both hormones that are responsible for your body's inner rhythm. Unfortunately, the pineal gland has a tendency to calcify as we age. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that good melatonin can be pricey?

Imbalances in your Crown Chakra may manifest as close-mindedness, cynicism and derision to spirituality; or conversely, extreme disconnection with your body and obsession with spirituality.

So why is Sahasrara so important on your journey to fertility? This journey will be filled with challenges and trials. And even after you have your baby, parenting can be intense. Having a connection with something greater than yourself will give you the strength to carry on when times get tough. And this connection will help you to see the "bigger picture" of your journey.

If you would like to learn a little more about fertility, or how a balanced chakra/endocrine system can help you on your journey, please feel free to shoot me an email or join our Facebook group, Hope & Healing Fertility!