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Does Acupressure Really Work?

It's no secret that DIY and home remedies are popular because they are convenient, cheap, and usually natural. And most of the home remedies that I seen are usually safe. My question is... Do they actually work?

Some do... and some don't.

And some remedies, like acupressure, depend on how you use them.

Acupressure is used in my practice when patients hate needles (i.e. kids) or are not able to tolerate acupuncture. Many times I will prescribe acupressure points for patients to do at home. In fact, you can find acupressure points on many reputable websites and YouTube channels, where they instruct you on acupressure. So, yes, I think acupressure works.

But if you don't understand it, or are doing acupressure for the wrong prescription, it might not. Sometimes, information on the internet might not be tailored to your specific needs. And sometimes, practitioners who don't understand acupuncture theory are prescribing acupressure points. In the end, the results are not the same if you would have had a better source.

Make sure that you are getting your acupressure prescription from someone who took the time to extensively study acupuncture, whether it's online or from a practitioner. They don't necessarily have to be an acupuncturist - some massage therapists have an AMAZING knowledge of TCM - but they should have taken the time to study acupuncture. Otherwise, this wonderful tool that can help you, might not work.